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Simon Baker appointed to new Cabe network

Simon Baker, Director of Chetwoods Leeds office, has been appointed as one of Cabe’s new network of 250 Built Environment Experts (BEEs) who will support Cabe’s work delivering high-quality designed places throughout the UK by ensuring that design plays a crucial part in the development of the built environment.


The new network is a group of highly respected specialists, drawn from a range of sectors. The network will provide multi-disciplinary support to communities, local authorities and developers involved in built environment projects. 

It will support the Cabe team to deliver quality services to its clients, helping them to balance diverse and competing needs.


There are 250 BEEs in the new network. They will be assigned to the client by the Cabe team to mentor design procurement, deliver training on the role of design in neighbourhood planning, and participate in the crucial Design Review process.


Nahid Majid, Director of the Cabe team at the Design Council, commented on the launch: “Cabe’s Built Environment Experts (BEEs) make up an unparalleled network to provide design support to projects throughout the country. The BEEs represent the best in their network and can bring insight, innovation and best practice to the design projects that matter. Cabe’s BEEs are a flexible and diverse group drawn from various disciplines. We’ve signed up people from architecture, planning and infrastructure backgrounds, as well as academics, health specialists, and community engagement workers, to bring an informed expert viewpoint and help Cabe champion good design.”